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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busy right now-

Blogging will catch up as soon as I can manage. The past 2 days I've been busy moving from one side of a cubicle wall to the opposite side of the wall. Its taken me quite a while to stow the leftover stuff from the last guy that sat in my new spot, and to sort, stow and dump the stuff that I had filed away in my old space. Today was full of cleaning my new space, moving my computer and all the ancillary stuff, reconnecting and hiding all the cables and figuring out how to hide my monitor from my boss's view when he comes around the corner behind me.

I'm on my way shortly to let a prospective buyer take a test ride on the Suzuki so maybe he will be smitten and dump an envelope of cash in my lap later this week.

I'm finally getting back to a regular, daily practice with the guitar.

Yesterday I picked up a cap & gown and an honor rope for a graduation ceremony coming up on Saturday. That would be my graduation ceremony… I bought announcements but they will be arriving late and I'll send some of those out with pictures once they arrive, after the fact.

And the BSU wants Chinese buffet tonight for dinner!

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